Located in Williamsburg, Scot Rossillo Creates For The Bagel Store, The World’s Most Creative And Beautiful Bagel Artistry. Using Old Fashioned Techniques That Have Been Handed Down From Generation To Generation Using Only The Best Ingredients -- The True Brooklyn Way.

Bio: Scot Rossillo, Bagel Artist For The Bagel Store Presently

"The World's Premier Bagel Artist"
I have always craved for unique ways to appeal to the demanding bagel palate and my desire to re energize a subdued industry
I left my partners in other bagel ventures so that i can bless bagel lovers from around the globe with my personal creations. I enrolled in the acclaimed French Culinary Institute's International Bread Baking Arts program. Upon my completion and driven by my passion I have fathered many hybrid food products most notably the "The Bacon Egg and Cheddar Bagel" ,The "Cragel" (the original half bagel and half flaky croissant) and most recently the world famous Rainbow Bagel tm



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