Foodie Friday - Rainbow Bagels

The rainbow bagel is a new NYC favorite. 

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn has lines around the block and sells out of rainbow bagels in two hours. 

Owner and creator, Scot Rossillo, has been in the bagel business for over 20 years. He began mixing colors as a way to relieve stress. 

"I began working with colors as a form of therapy -- personal therapy in the back while making my other creative bagels in the front. Over time, they began to overrun the ones in the front. It went from therapy to an actual art form," Scot said. 

Over the years, he's gotten more and more creative. There are cotton candy bagels, candy corn bagels and a local favorite, the Mets bagel.

One hundred rainbow bagels, start to finish, take around 30 hours to make. On average, Scot is able to make around 1,000 a day. 

If you don't feel like waiting in line, you can order the bagels ahead of time. 
Rainbow bagels are $47 a dozen or $3.95 apiece.

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* This post originally appeared on the Chasing News Youtube Channel.