Hybrid Pastry Update: Enter the "Cragel"


Braving the Bedford L train stop has been somewhat bearable as of late, thanks to a hybrid breakfast pastry known as the cragel. Gothamist reports that Williamsburg's The Bagel Store is selling the spawn of a croissant-bagel partnership for $2.95. The flaky pastry has a sweet glossy exterior, fluffy interior and manages to preserve the bagel's iconic hole. Owner and head bagel baker Scot Rossillo noted that he'd been "developing the recipe for the last nine months" and counted Dominique Ansel's success with the Cronut as a sign people were ready for a new kind of breakfast on the go. To make the cragel, Rossillo makes two separate batters, which he then combines ever so carefully. "I do it better than most people," he says. "I do it down to the molecule of the water." Like real bagels, the cragel is boiled before it's baked - so it has an authentic, glossy and chewy bagel-like crust.

Those interested in making the trip out to Brooklyn can breathe easy: the store isn't putting a limit on the amount of cragels you can order right now, and lines so far have been manageable - and bouncer free. "I can always make more. I don't want to disappoint" noted Rossillo. The shop is already known for a few offbeat breakfast selections like gingerbread and pumpkin pie-flavored bagels, so this sort of novelty baked good isn't entirely out of character. Those seeking the potential next big thing during the morning commute can check out the store's two locations in Williamsburg starting at 6 AM any day of the week, and if you're willing to wait an extra day or two for your order to arrive, you can also submit a special request through the store's online delivery page.