These Crazy Rainbow Bagels Are Stuffed with Cotton Candy and Funfetti Cream Cheese, Naturally

It’s finally happened.

After two years of garnering crowds for its clever hybridized take on the croissant and doughnut, the Cronut has finally been dethroned by a Brooklyn, New York staple: a bagel/


But, we’re not just talking about any bagel. The Bagel Store‘s top seller is a rainbow bagel — hoards of people line up around the corner of the shop every day to snag one — and looks exactly how you’d imagine it to be.

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Made with a variety of flavors that some customers compare to cereal, each rainbow bagel ($3) is topped with Funfetti-style cream cheese or a cotton candy spread for an extra burst of sugar in the morning.

Although The Bagel Store owner Scot Rossillo tells Business Insiderthe rainbow bagel making process takes five hours to crank out 100 bagels, the Williamsburg-based shop has recently incorporated nationwide delivery services for those unable to try out the store’s staple in person.

Breakfast really is the meal of (sweet-toothed) champions.

—Grace Gavilanes